The Use Of Sound In The Game, A Suspense Movie

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Americans fascination toward movies has progressed as technology advances. From the black and white era, to actuality where movies can be observed in various dimensions, such as 2D and 3D. The use of sound, editing and cinematography are elements used in movies with the intention to create and cause distinction. The Game, a suspense movie in which all elements take effect in order to cause interest in the audience. However, sound in this particular movie takes events to a new perspective as it intrigues the audience. (Do a thesis). The use of sound does not only consist in generating a sort of interest in the audience. Its function mostly consist in connecting the characters feelings with the events been presented. In The Game, Nicholas’s life reluctantly changes as a set of pranks/games become part of his daily life as a business man. The transition of the events can differentiate as one can deal with more life risky circumstances. Every point in The Game, rises disruption in which sound is the major element…show more content…
In The Game, David Fincher, introduction of suspense consists in developing dramatization as to obtain the interest of the audience. This is the reason why the distinct effects of sound in The Game, as in any other movie, it is relevant due to the impact that it generates during a particular event or situation. A second scene, is the scene of the deadly cab ride. In this particular scene there was no cause of suspicion, as the music on the radio was the only sound and did not exceed. However, as the scene advanced and Nicholas became aware (of what), suspense arose. Sound of danger; the ignition of the car, the velocity and the sound of other cars horn, increased realism as it pertain tragedy. The sound effects in this particular scene also consisted in the break of class and fence, leading to a sound of air before the car splashed into the

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