How Did Tango Influence The Dance World

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Dance isn't just a form of movements put together into a choreography, it is a form of expression in which many cultures take their characteristic to influence society world widely. Many cultures have their own dance to express they way of being. Tango is one of many dance forms created in Argentina that for centuries now has influenced the world. Characterized by its slow tempo and emotional connection, tango is known for its sharp sensual movements symbolizing seduction, sex, and passion between the two dancers performing it. The Origins of Tango were found in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, at the ending of the nineteenth century. Generally it was danced in brothels; prostitution was a large business at the beginning and ending of the century due to the immense immigration of males coming from Europe to Argentina due to the railroad network developed by the British that arrived at the time. The railroad across Argentina made possible the transportation of agricultural goods to export and many European men took the chance for a better life by migrating to Argentina, as the Hidden History of Tango article mentions, "The Argentine government decided to advertise in Europe for…show more content…
With so many people living together in one building, it was very likely that someone might play the guitar, perhaps someone else might play the violin or the flute, and that from time to time they would get together to play the popular tunes of the time. And other people in the building would take the opportunity to dance, to have a moment of joy dancing. The music and dance became a common language that united people from many different cultures. It was here that the different music and dance styles brought by immigrants from different countries, and by the people already in Argentina, blended together, and what emerged slowly became

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