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Introduction Today I have a family that has a small rabbit farm, this is a pretty new project and a few of younger rabbits appear to have Coccidiosis, which is a sporozoal infection. A few of the animals have died after experiencing diarrhea and emaciation. This is a highly contagious infection and there are 12 different species that can be found in rabbits so it is important that I get a treatment plan going so it does not spread to the other animals. Then I will be going over preventative measures with the family so this situation does not arise again. Coccidiosis Eimeria species, which is a microspic one-celled protozoa parasite. There are 12 species that have been know to affect rabbits but few cause dieses. The two types of Coccidiosis are intestinal and hepatic (Halls, 2). The intestinal damage following Coccidiosis reduces nutrient absorption by the gut epithelium thereby reducing bodyweight and growth (Cervantes-Valencia,1).…show more content…
Symptoms will appear 4-6 days post infection the symptoms are a rough coat, dullness, decreased appetite, dehydration and weight loss (Halls, 4) (Rivers, 2). When the rabbit looses 20% of its weight, convulsions or paralysis is seen, and last death follows within 24 hours (Halls, 4). Hepatic Coccidiosis: Mild infection can demonstrate no symptoms; moderately infected rabbits may have growth retardation( Halls ,4). For sever infections loss of appetite, weakness, diarrhea, or constipation. Depending on which Eimeria dieses are infecting the rabbit will depend on how long the rabbit will live (Halls, 4) (Rivers, 1).

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