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Between the years 1830 and 1870, Chicago’s population grew from less than 1000 to 300,000, moving the city from the 92nd most populated city in America in 1830, to 5th in 1870 (Julie Husband, 2004). Chicago is known globally for its influence on modern architecture which was driven by the city’s entrepreneur businessmen in an effort to try and encourage the development of the city, which characterised American Architecture in the form of Skyscrapers. Chicago’s population continued to augment and by 1890, it had reached 1,100,000. The population increase lead to a massive growth in the city’s surrounding suburbs, and to the city’s employment rate. The boom in the suburbs was acquainted by the development in public transportation which was known…show more content…
Art Deco and Modernism use the same technique in their design by using setbacks on the face if the building in an attempt to reduce building mass and to try and accentuate the height. The shape of the buildings regress slightly from the street up to the top to create a more sleek movement in size. The most common cladding material used in Art Deco and Modernism is Limestone, whilst brick facades are also used in Art Deco (Smith, 1990 ). One of the most recognized Art Deco skyscraper in the world is The Chrysler Building in New York, while “embodying the emblazonment of automotive progress”. It was designed by William Van Alen for Walter Chrysler and was completed in 1930. Some other well-known architects which used these styles were Shreve, Lamb & Harmon Associates, Bertram Grosvenor Goodhue, and Lawrence Murray Dixon. Neo Gothic style was considered to be a rebirth to the Gothic architecture, which was a medieval style of architecture popular in Western Europe. Distinct features of the Neo – Gothic styles were the buildings shapes and details had strong vertical emphasis, which incorporated pointed tall arches. The skyscrapers had a distorted appearance, and many designs incorporated gargoyles and rich figurative carving. Gothic architecture is commonly known for its cathedrals, where Neo – Gothic takes inspiration from these religious and powerful buildings. Neo – Gothic architecture flourished in the early 20th century where architects such as H. Craig Severance in New York and Robert S. DeGolyer & Co. in Chicago (Architecture N. , 2015). The most world renowned Neo-Gothic skyscraper is the Tribune Tower in Chicago. It was inspired by the Button Tower of the Rouen

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