Examples Of Ethical Issues In Sonography

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I am at Pensacola State College to major in sonography, which is, according to Google, the analysis of sound using an instrument that produces a graphical representation of its component frequencies. In easier terms, it means to perform ultrasounds. There are many ethical issues in the field of sonography, but I have chosen to focus on one specific issue: female feticide. A common use for sonograms is to determine the sex of the baby, which, in countries like China and India often results in female feticide, or selectively aborting fetuses (generally female) based on the results of the sonogram. Female feticide is wrong and should not be practiced. Female feticide is the practice of selective abortion based on ultrasound results. This practice is most common in China and India, where there are strict laws regarding how many children you can have. In China,…show more content…
While ultrasounds are fairly inexpensive in countries like China and India, abortion is not. Poor families who cannot afford to have abortions often abandon their baby girls in alleyways, shopping malls, trashcans, and may even choose to kill them. The practice of female infanticide, or killing the baby yourself is widely practiced in India. There is another option, though, if you cannot keep your child, but do not want to kill it. In my opinion, this is the most ethical option. This alternative is called baby hatches, where you can leave your baby with no questions asked, where they will receive care and may eventually be adopted. While baby hatches are more ethical than aborting or killing your infant, I believe there would be less abortions, abandonment, and babies in hatches if female feticide as a whole could be put to an end. Sonograms should be used to watch the beautiful progression of the life that is growing inside of you, not to determine whether or not your fetus gets to live and

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