How Does Ben Wilson's Character Change

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In the novel, Wonderstruck, Ben Wilson has changed and grown into a knowledgeable, mature and brave character throughout his expedition. Ben learns that even if the world throws him an endless amount of challenges and problems he knows he will be able to come through because as the quote once said “after every storm there is always a rainbow”. After the loss of Bens mother and his now deaf ears ben feels that that there is not much to lose any more, he set to go off on a mission for his new existent father and discovers new friends and family along the way. During the former part of the novel Ben discovers new ways to survive with being completely deaf. The period before the death of ben’s mother, he was born deaf in one ear. After the loss of his mother ben decides that it was time to find closure. The day Ben found himself in a hospital bed and not hearing anything from a whisper to a shout he knew his life did a complete 1 80. Even though ben couldn’t hear he found ways to occupy himself by discovering new ways to communicate, especially in the latter part in the book after Ben discovers his…show more content…
As a consequence of bens mothers’ death, ben felt like the black sheep, he didn’t feel that sense of belonging anywhere not even when he was in a familiar house, town, neighbourhood, in familiar clothes he was even neighbours with his old house when he was living with his aunt and uncle, he just didn’t feel like it was at a place to call ‘home sweet home’ up until when he lost hearing in both ears he decided to become independent an go on a expedition of a life time. Later on in the story ben meets a new friend, Jamie who helps ben with his lack of hearing by showing him ways to communicate and also comforting ben and making ben feel like he has a new home that’s not with his

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