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There is a large genre of different books that have been published over the many years. The range is so wide that it goes from scientific all the way to horror. The book Enrique’s Journey written by Sonia Nazario comes from the non-fiction genre and tells the great story about a boy’s expedition to be reunited with his mother. He is faced with many problems that a young child should not, but migrants do. Throughout the book Enrique is faced with many challenges that migrants deal with, the theme of love is present and so is the theme of immigration; all which contribute to the immigration debate today Lourdes is the mother of two children; her daughter Belky and son Enrique. They all live together in Honduras. She knows that she is unable…show more content…
Nazario does not make it seen in the book as much as family, but it can still be seen as a theme that is a very important aspect. It is important because it is one of the things that drive the characters to continue to push forward. The distance from Honduras to the United States of America, according to Google Maps is one thousand six hundred and nineteen miles and Enrique traveled so far because he thought his mother was the last person left that cared for him. Lourdes left everything she knew behind, all because of the idea of love. It is ironic considering in their actions; these characters show how they have barely felt love. Love is a strength and a weakness because leads people to make decisions that will either have a great impact on their lives or permanently destroy their lives. When Enrique falls in love with María Isabel and she ended up getting pregnant. Enrique had suspected that she was pregnant before he left, but found out when he called Honduras. Their daughter, Katerin Jasmín, was born on November 2, 2000. Maria’s aunt tells her to go to the United States, but leave the baby behind. She says that she will take care of Jasmín. “If I have the opportunity, I’ll go,’ María Isabel says. ‘I’ll leave my baby behind.’ Enrique agrees. ‘We’ll have to leave the baby behind” (196). For a parent to have to make the decision to leave their child behind in…show more content…
In the book Adan Díaz Ruiz said to Carlos Carrasco "This is what they get for doing this journey” (Nazario 47). This was said immediately after Enrique was beaten and robbed by the six men on the train. They learn about the hatred from Mexican citizens that migrants have to deal with. Some citizens believe that migrants from Central America do not belong there. Their economic issues are so great, that they do not care about any of the issues others are dealing with. It is evident that the book is about Enrique’s journey, however on a larger scale it is to look at how it is approached and trying to bring awareness to the issue. The strength of immigration is being able to leave a life and place behind where you did not have great opportunities. When immigrating into a new country, you are more than likely to prosper where there are more opportunities and resources. The weakness of immigration though is the journey your destination. Like Enrique and many other migrants, you could be faced with many harsh realities. Sometimes these realities make you begin to question yourself and why you set this unrealistic goal for yourself. You have these hopes and dreams of starting somewhere where immigrants are not accepted or treated fairly. Soon you realize what you have left behind and what the reality will be is once you

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