Disadvantages Of Nasa Mission To Mars

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The advantages of going to mars from a scientific point of view. This article focusses on a number of benefits that would be result of NASA mission to mars. Starting from the historical technological benefits it suggests that mars mission would result in long lasting benefits and applications of the use of technology that would originally be used in NASA mission. The fabric that NASA developed for spacesuits is stronger than steel and has low transparency with high reflectivity. The other scientific advancements include breathing systems to help fire fighters and advanced implantable plus generators that monitor heart activity. Another advantage quoted by the writer is the search for extra-terrestrial life in mars. Robotic missions have made…show more content…
Eg a rocket that could be sent to spacecraft using nuclear fusion would cost the agency around $12 billion. In addition to the scientific advancements there are other advantages coming from the space exploration project. They include curiosity and exploration as vital parts to the human spirit and scientists would work in a way that it would be safe for the astronauts to reach mars safely. Manned mission to mars by 2030s is really possible, experts say. According to a group of experts sending humans to mars by 2030s is an affordable project and it is possible to accomplish the mission with few changes. The executive director of Explore Mars Inc. suggests that ‘to be able to make it feasible and affordable , a sustainable budget is required’. Moreover us president Barack Obama requested about $17.7 billion for NASA in his 2013 budget proposal. According to various researchers until there was a major restructuring in the budget it would be hard to accomplish the…show more content…
MARS one has opened the astronaut application to all healthy individuals between the age group of 20-40 years. They have laid most emphasis on sense of humour and the ability to work effectively in team projects. MARS one doesn’t want to focus on the scientific areas related to it, but rather on a number of aspects that astronauts will have to figure out themselves like any injury or illness, fixing things that break and so on. The other key point that skirted over the mars mission is funding. The first manned mission will cost approximately 6 billion us dollars. The approximate cost does not include the live TV view which would last for a number of years. The major problem with reality Tv funding model is that the money will come only after the mission has started, not before which is when the mission needs maximum financial resources. To summarize the article the writer says that there are a number of doubts with the MARS mission that the whole endeavour could fall apart if appropriate steps are not

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