John Noble: Visual Analysis

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This painting is work by John Noble known as Provincetown, Winter. This painting was created in 1921 with oil on canvas, and it is on display at the Wichita Art Museum. Provincetown, Winter is a representational piece of art that is naturalist, because it represents a fishing village and boat harbor during the winter. This piece of artwork is a seascape consisting of pastel colors such as pink and and cool shades of blue and green. The scene is a boat harbor during the winter. The time of day is morning when the sun is just rising. The foreground of this picture depicts a crowded fishing village, which shows darker colors. The middle ground portrays sailboats and a pier on ocean water that is light pink from the sunrise. The background reveals…show more content…
Although the brightest part of this work is the pink sea where the sun is reflecting off of the water, all of the lines in this picture lead to this pink building, such as the lines of the people and the lines in the water. The building is also very bright in comparison to the darker water that surrounds it. There is a lot of contrasting colors in this picture. In the foreground, most of the buildings are dark with the exceptions of a few brighter ones that pop out, as well as a bright lantern that illuminates the space behind one of the buildings. The bright yellow sun and the orange clouds contrast with the neutral blues of the sky. The pink building in the center is brought out by using darker blues for the water around it. The artist uses rhythm with colors in this painting by repeating similar orange-pink colors in the sky, parts of the water, and in the buildings of the fishing village. This work is asymmetrically balances. The lower part of the painting is very crowded, while the upper half is much more open. The center of this painting has the brightest colors while darker colors border the entirety of the work. The point of view comes from up above, allowing the viewer to have an expansive view of the village and the sea. The artist uses color, proportion, and variety to create a sense of unity in the painting. The buildings, pier, and boats are all in proportion to one another. He uses

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