Productive Engagement In Education

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Clark County is full of teachers who believe in a “productive engagement” teaching/learning style. Unfortunately, it is also full of teachers that strictly use “passive engagement.” I do believe, however, that Clark County is on the right track in trying to encourage their teachers to teach with “productive engagement” in mind. The use of interactive whiteboards; encouraging students to produce power point presentations, rather than the standard book report or research paper; the use of computer and iPad software; and hands-on learning manipulatives in classroom centers are all ways that teachers use productive engagement. It is unfortunate that there are still teachers in Clark County who insist on teaching strictly by lecture, notes, memorization and tests. I have had six children in CCSD and can tell you by experience that my children learn, and most importantly retain, a lot more with productive engagement, rather than passive engagement.…show more content…
Each student would read a passage and at particular points the teacher would stop and engage the class in a student discussion. We’d talk about what we read—helping with reading comprehension and focus; discuss our thoughts and ideas—applying it to real life; then do an activity—worksheet or hands-on project. I’d like to see teachers go back to that simpler way of life. I have noticed my children struggling with focusing and comprehending some of the chosen textbooks in subjects they have no interest in, yet are forced to read. Engaging the class in school with the information, then having a recap type of worksheet for homework, was a much preferred method of learning in my

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