Stuck In Love Analysis

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I never knew pain like this existed. All my life I’ve concocted this idea of how love would or should be but I’ve never prepared myself for this. Never prepared myself for a relationship, never prepared for a failed relationship. I couldn’t function at all. I shut everyone out of my life and became a recluse. I spent the next two weeks cooped up in bed, barely alive, only moving for meals once a day and bowel movements. I was in bad shape. I couldn’t stop seeing her everywhere. I couldn’t stop thinking about her, even when I do things to forget her. All I did was set up a blanket fort and watched all of my favourite films and TV series in an attempt to cope or at the very least, keep myself alive. I watched Stuck In Love one night and that scene when Samantha (Lily Collins’ character) and Lou (Logan Lerman’s character) were in the car listening to Elliott Smith’s Between the Bars will always stick with me.…show more content…
“I know, I know,” said Lou, reassuring her. “I don’t wanna get hurt.” “I’m not gonna hurt you.” A simple scene, but the vulnerability of Elliott Smith’s voice and Samantha’s fear of getting hurt never failed to make me feel shittier than I already was. I never wanted to hurt her. I never wanted to get hurt. This wasn’t the plan. This wasn’t what I had in mind for us. Tears just kept rolling down my tears. I was sobbing uncontrollably. I couldn’t stop the stream of waterfall as much as I tried, to the point where I was so helpless that I just let it all out of me like a broken faucet. I felt like I lost not one, but two people. I felt like I lost myself in the process. “Stop it. Stop crying,” I told
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