Love Your God With All Your Mind Summary

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Love Your God With All Your Mind: Book Report Introduction J. P. Moreland is a philosopher and a theologian. He teaches Philosophy at Biola University, and through his theological views and philosophical mind he wrote Love Your God With All Your Mind with good evidences toward his argument. J. P. Moreland’s Love Your God With All Your Mind is a good book. It was published in September of 2012 in Colorado Springs. This book is mostly about the Christian mind toward God and also how people think of Christians and the way Christians think. It gives you questions on how the Christian mind and the church is corrupt or misled, and it gives clues or advice on how to solve this corruption of the mind. Summary The book is mostly focusing on the Christian mind, the author’s argument is on why we should develop our mind and how we…show more content…
That is why he is trying to help formed our mind to be much accurate and we won’t be explaining things to others in an inaccurate way . The book is good because it gives a lot of examples and it make things clearer for the audience to understand. For example, he did a little teaching on logic in the book. He helped his readers get to understand the book clearer and easily. Action Points This book is a good book, and it encourages me to think more about my faith and also have a sharp Christian mind, so that the secularity around me will not fool me and fall for them. I really love the book because it also gives me advice, for example, by telling me to cultivate my mind with good virtues. I suggest that people read this book because it has more to say than what it looks like. It has more ideas and more suggestion and advice on how to improve our mind, so it’s a must read
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