Importance Of Cruelty To Animals

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6. Authors Maneka Gandhi, Ozair Hussain and Raj Panjwani , in the book under review is a compendious piece of legal material on animal related laws containing Acts, relevant provisions of other statutes, rules and orders passed there under, the state enactments and rules and the judicial; decisions. It also provides for the Indian standards for housing of the fowls and animals, farm cattle housing, meat shops as well as transportation of four legged animals and also poultry. The work in the present form has been fairly divided in four parts running into over 1500 pages. There is a lucid classification of the materials as central laws, state laws, material based on case studies and general standards in these four parts. The Acts, rules, and orders have been reproduced in a systematic manner with relevant amendments at the time of publication. There are brief…show more content…
Their comments explain the content of the provisions of certain sections and contain the interpretation given by the courts with reference to the sections at few places. Such explanations or the references do not suggest authors’ opinions. Being sketchy they are short of academic discussion. There is reproduction of three other central legislations, namely the prevention and control of Infectious and Contagious Diseases in Animals Act, 2009, the Elephants Preservation Act, 1879 and the ‘relevant provisions’ of the Cattle Trespass Act, 1879. Part II of the book contains Acts and rules passed/adopted by different states on various issues related to animals and birds like diseases, export,
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