Strong Government Vs Weak Government

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Liberal supports strong government economic regulation, but weak government social regulation. Liberals believe that government must protect individuals from the injustices of modern society and that strong government improves individual freedom, for example, in group C “Consenting adults should be free to engage in any kind of sexual activity they wish so long as they do no harm to others”. Moreover, Liberals extend broad tolerance to different lifestyles and favor limiting government interference in individual rights. For instance, “Women should have the right to end any unwanted pregnancy at any time, prior to birth if they so wish.” On the contrary, the conservative supports weak government economic regulation, but strong government social regulation. Conservatism emphasizes the…show more content…
This ideology calls for the most limited government. Libertarianism believes that the state must be kept small with the important role of government limited to the protection of human rights. Libertarians oppose the interference of government in private lives, whether to regulate moral or economic life. Libertarians favor inaction in the affairs of other nations, for example in group A “Minimum wage laws should be repealed.”, and “Trade between different nations should be allowed to occur without government interference.” Conversely, a populist is just the opposite. He would support both strong government social and economic regulation. A populist focuses on somewhat from economic issues to social and foreign policy issues, for instance in group A “Farm subsidies and other supports for industries should be eliminated.” A populist calls for a change in the emphasis of liberalism from the redeployment of wealth to the promotion of wealth, for example in group B “The minimum hourly wage should be increased annually to reflect changes in the cost of

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