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The Humanities and STEM fields are seemingly two binaries at the ends of a spectrum based on a logic vs. creativity, right brain vs. left brain mindset. This negative mindset is perpetuated by the belief that English majors accomplish nothing and that all Engineers are guaranteed a job immediately out of college. Gracie Richards and Elaina Provencio both wrote articles on the topic of STEM and the Humanities. Richards’s “Oh the Humanities! Why STEM shouldn’t take precedence over the arts” is more rhetorically effective than Provencio’s “The Major Divide: Humanities vs. STEM majors”, because its factual tone, its end inclusion of advice directed at the audience, its development and length, as well as its position that majors are more successful…show more content…
Much of Provencio’s tone is relayed by a weak beginning of “Oh the Humanity” followed by the short, choppy sentence: “The popularity of Humanities majors is declining.” It’s not the inclusion of the pun that hinders Provencio’s writing, as Richards included “Oh the Humanities!” in the title of their work. The handling of the pun was different between the two writers; Richards followed up the pun with a strong statement declaring their intent with their article. Provencio’s title of “The Major Divide: Humanities vs. STEM Majors” alludes to a conversation of the division between STEM and Humanities but the article doesn’t follow up with that. Instead she complains in her writing that the Humanities are misunderstood and that no one respects it as a field. Provencio’s “pity party” writing ends pushing more readers away than maintaining their point because it comes off as unprofessional. Her unprofessionalism is evident by her inclusion of the following cliché phrases: “These days, it is difficult to see…”, “College students these days…”, and “As a nation we are…” She uses these phrases, that group many people together, to generalize the audience and assumes that everyone subscribes to the idea of a strict binary. She is directly complaining to any STEM oriented readers she may have and assuming that every Humanities orientated person will share the same exact views that she

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