The Rocking Horse-Horse Winner

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David Herbert Lawrence author of, “The Rocking Horse Winner”(1933) was born in Nottinghamshire, England. Lawrence has created many great works that allows the reader to interpret the text in several forms.“The RockingHorse Winner “ is a tragic tale of a boys journey to gain the love of his mother, Hester. Throughout the story Paul inherits an obsession for money. His mother is cold and materialistic. Although Paul’s obsession with money is due to the fact that he wants to prove his luck to her. The only way for Paul to feel his mothers love is to show her how lucky he truly is. Paul does everything he can to gain her love, only to be left with a cold heart. In “The Rocking Horse-Winner”, the question at issue is, does the protagonist, Paul, receive a sense of love, satisfaction, and security with his single pursuit of money? Some readers may find that Paul does receive a sense of love, satisfaction, and security with his pursuit of money. Literary critic, Charles Koban believes that Paul is his mothers last link to life. He believes that Paul receives a sense of…show more content…
Paul tries to help his mothers lust for money by betting at the derby. In this situation Paul is seeking his mothers love and satisfaction. Despite Paul’s frequent and ingenious attempts to prove his luck to his mother, she gives the cold shoulder claiming there is never enough. In the story, Paul suggests “ Mother did I ever tell you? I am lucky! No you never did, said his mother”(Lawrence 602). His mother denies the fact that Paul is lucky on his death bed of all places. If Paul’s mother truly loved him she would have at least thanked him for all the money she would ever need. Paul provided his mother with 80000 pounds giving her security but for Paul’s mother she always craves more. It seems as if the 80,000 pounds did not mean anything to her as well as Paul’s life. In turn never truly receives a sense of

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