The Boy In The Striped Pajamas Conflicts

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“The Boy in the Striped Pajamas” is a historical fiction that takes place in World War 2, following the story of a nine year old boy named Bruno, and his interactions with a boy named Shmuel at Auschwitz, a death camp. The story was overall decent, but the story had one gaping hole that was its downfall: the ending. At the end of “The Boy in the Striped Pajamas,” Bruno informs Shmuel that he is going back to Berlin. Shmuel becomes crestfallen when he hears this. Not wanting to let his friend down, Bruno proposes that he and Shmuel explore the “other side” of the fence, and Shmuel agrees. They make arrangements to meet the next day. The day after, they meet, and Bruno changes into the titular “Striped Pajamas” so he can blend in with…show more content…
They would be very skeptical at first, but eventually find Bruno’s body in the disposal section of the camp. Bruno’s family would hold his broken body in their arms sobbing uncontrollably, while the servants watched, on the verge of tears. His funeral would be held back in Berlin, and an argument between his mother and father would break out, resulting in their separation. Mother would have custody of Gretel, and Father, already miserable, would head back to Out-With on the brink of committing suicide. He would continue his job, but become more destructive towards his peers and himself as time went on. This endless cycle would continue on for a period of time, he would become “worse” and “worse” at his job, until he would eventually get fired from his job, which would be his breaking point. He would walk solemnly to the gas chamber where Bruno died, tears streaming down his face, wearing the striped pajamas, while his inner monologue would be narrated, showing his deep regret and sorrow. An example of this might be: “I’m sorry, I’m sorry for what I did, I’m sorry for what I am… I hope this repentance will do…” He would then turn on the gas, and enter the chamber, and suffocate and die in the exact spot Bruno had. This, in my opinion, would add sadness to the end of the story, bringing the reader to

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