Comparison Of Spencer And Adams Model Of Transition Model

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Transition Professor Course Date Introduction There are two transitional models in the field of nursing. These are the Bridges model and Spencer and Adams model. Bridges model incorporates three major stages. The first stage is the ending stage which has four major aspects; the element of disengagement, disidentification, the aspect of disenchantment and disorientation nursing activities. The second phase is the neutral zone whereby someone has not yet gone from the old to the new state where they can allow changes. The changes are not fully incorporated in their professional nursing habits. The third phase refers to the new beginnings which entail full acceptance of behaviors, values, attitudes and knowledge while posing the challenge not to get back to old nursing practices (Adams, 1969). The Spencer and Adams model of transition involves seven stages which are the losing focus followed by reducing impact, the pit, leaving the past and letting go, testing the limits, looking for the meaning and lastly integrating all the professional nursing practices. Currently, as a student nurse, am open-minded and am very flexible to accepting newly discovered professional nursing practices hence under the Bridges model am in the new beginnings whereas in the other model am at the point of integrating the…show more content…
This is a daily routine which is strenuous and calls for strictly organized time schedule. I face much stress in the planning of my activities, organizing my plans, managing my time in a good manner, financial challenges, having my priorities right in the sense that I have to identify what should constitute in my bid of becoming a professional nurse and in this case having to strike a balance between time for food, my personal time, time to attend to game activities, my spiritual life among other elements (Adams, less

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