Vladimir Horowitz

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We do not have any piano recitals in this semester. So instead of going to a live concert, my instructer decided to watch the video of the following link. It's a recital video of a legendary pianist called Vladimir Horowitz. The first performance was a sound of beautiful. The pianist enthusiastically began playing the first part of piece. It was slow and quiet tempo, had relatively a monotonous rhythm and had variety of pitches. It was a perfect piece at the start of recital. This first piece was sufficient to feel how piano’s sound was beautiful and it made me more focused on the recital. In my imagination, this piece was described that it was a bright, breezy day, a man stood in the meadow, who was in contemplative in mood. This piece of music made me imagine the image of the music that the palais de dance of the Middle Age. It piece occasionally played as a fast tempo and was impressed changing part simple rhythm to complex rhythm. Also, pianist was played alternately fast tempo music. The performances were showed the beauty of balance. Also, in the middle part of the piece, the pianist exchanged fast tempo and slow tempo, and the music was repeated same rhythm in rotation.…show more content…
This movement’s tempo was lively and its dynamic were consistently in the mezzo forte range. It also seemed to have a cheerful tune color as well, which was mainly played quick tempo. Tempo was mainly allegro, and this piece was mainly homophonic in texture. The fast tempo of this piece was very impressive, and I could recognize musical pitches, tones, and interval. In this piece, this song had a wide range, but it basically consonance melody. When I listened this piece, I imagined that the breath of spring. The accents came on the last piece. Lastly, this piece was ended with a strong
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