Are Human Being Inherently Good Essay

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Nisa Narimanova Research Essay Are Human Beings Intrinsically Good? The universe is full of various human beings who are different from each other. While some are characterized as good, on the other hand, some are defined as bad. What does actually mean to be good or bad? Why some of them are good, but others are so bad? Are human beings intrinsically good? There is a wide discussion regarding this question. Whereas some people might think that people are intrinsically good, yet some of them may argue that human beings are not intrinsically good, just they have a natural tendency that is developed towards goodness. Even some philosophers believe that human nature is bad. There are different theories about the innate goodness of human beings. Many…show more content…
To some extent, they have the natural tendency of doing good things. Confucius mentioned in the book named “Analects of Confucius”: “People are similar by nature, but through training, they move apart and become quite different from each other…Only the wisest and most stupid are unchangeable” (D.C.Lau,1953:542). He means that human beings have the similar innate values, yet through their life they change, while some of them become good, others are perverted and become a bad person. Moreover, according to Chinese philosopher Mengzi, also known as “Mencius”, “Human nature is good since all have a natural disposition towards goodness” (D.C.Lau, 1953, p:541). Mencius (1953:546) explains his point by giving an example of a child that when he/she falls into a well, people will promptly help that child and this is a reflection of our true nature. As the fall of the child happens suddenly, we act without thinking, and we behave with our natural feelings that we inherently possess. Mencius also emphasised the similar point to Confucius that: “Every human being has innate goodness; hence, if one can maintain one’s original nature, one will remain good…this original good human nature is the
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