Stress In Law Enforcement Essay

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Stress plays a part in the lives of everyone, police Officers in the work force come across many stressful obstacles in their line of work, dealing with crazy people and hectic situations. So many different situations they come across, that make their stress levels sky rocket. Many civilians cannot comprehend the negative and stressful aspects of their profession. Police officers are not superhuman. It affects the way they handle situations that come up in their daily work, hey fight through their issues to be productive. Law enforcement work is extremely stressful, the reason being it is one of few professions where the workforces are requested continuously to appearance physical dangers and to put their lives in the hands of others. One-officer…show more content…
Additionally, they take job burdens home, and spouses worry about officers’ safety. Studies do not confirm the broadly thought that police suffer from unusually high rates of alcoholism, although indirect research has established a relationship between high job stress and excessive drinking. Police officers interviewed found anxiety, nightmares, and insomnia following involvement in gun incidents. Law enforcement departments are put in stressful places where they are place in the position of being between a rock and a hard place, they are in charge of making sure there officers are up to par and are not compromised and have a level head when going through the motions and the duties of being an officer. They examine the officer's personal life and the way they deal with situations in the real world. A study was done about being a cop, and how the effects of the job can put on you leading to death. Being the guy and getting in the middle of bad and dangerous situations and arresting villains, may be the most obvious deadliest part of police work, but physical things like heart attack can be caused by stress. Four hundred and forty- one police officers had suffered sudden cardiac death. About a quarter died while restraining or fighting someone; twenty percent died during physical training; twelve percent died while chasing a suspect; eight percent died during some sort of rescue operation; twenty-three percent died while performing routine duties such as desk work or writing parking tickets and the rest were classified as

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