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The enforcement of international human rights law can take place on a domestic, regional or an international level. The states that ratify human rights treaties are obligated to respecting those rights and have to make sure that their domestic law are matched with international legislation. The prompt question states that the international human rights regime does not have a hard enforcement mechanism and until there are serious consequences to violations, states won’t comply with human rights. This is a topic I happen to disagree with. I realize the international human rights regime has its weaknesses and there needs to be better development in order to create and enforce a better system. However, these weaknesses are due to the unavoidable factors of our disordered global society as well as the principle of state sovereignty. At the end of World War II there was a change in the internationals view towards human rights. In spite of the large human cost of their failings, these enforcement mechanisms are fit for a purpose and that the strongest enforcement mechanism is simply the fact that human rights are codified in international law. When discussing the topic of compliance of states and legal strength of human rights instruments and tools, we are discussing nation states in particular. To support my claims we can look at the UN Charter based…show more content…
Now that we hold this view it can result in over-criticism of the enforcement mechanisms for international human rights law. A humanitarian cost for punishment is set for any person who abuses human rights laws and it will not be ignored. Obedience to international human rights law on the global international scale is set at a high standard. If the development of international human rights law is due to the spread of democracy, then human rights law is bound to grow with democracy in a quick

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