Difference Between Love And Arranged Marriage

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Meant to be or have to be: Love vs Arranged Marriage Should love come before marriage or after marriage? Many people, in their life, have contemplated if they are ever going to find the right person. They start thinking if they should get an arranged marriage. As time goes by, they change their mind because they cannot imagine the fact that in an arranged marriage, you will be marrying a stranger. So, they wait for their future lover. In America, there is a western-style marriage where the people have their own choice of who their lover/spouse is. On the other hand, there is Arranged Marriage, according to AFS Intercultural programs, it is when “The bride and groom may have not even met in person or communicated before, but their families have…show more content…
This strong feeling of affection cannot be replaced by anything because it makes both partners happy. Many people argue and say that in an arranged marriage the couple grow to love each other and in love-based marriage you lose your attraction. A study was done where 58 Indian couples (28 arranged marriages and 30 love-based marriages) were observed and measured according to commitment, marital satisfaction, companionate love, and passionate love. The results concluded that “no differences were found between participants in arranged and love-based marriages; high ratings of love, satisfaction, and commitment were observed in both marriage types.” (Reagon, Pamela et al…2012) This means that the overall experiences the couples went through and felt appeared to be similar. This comes to the fact that arranged marriages do not have special rewards because the outcomes of both arranged and love marriages are…show more content…
People know that their loved one will protect them and take care of them, when in times of trouble. In an arranged marriage, this feeling of security is lost, and women are scared throughout their relationship. The partners have no clue what their spouse’s intentions are and whether they will be in safe hands or not. This all comes around to the understanding and awareness of your partner. In a love-based marriage, the spouses know each other’s tendencies and are able to solve problems more easily because they know each other’s behavior and nature. They can share their emotional feelings with each other without doubt. When you know a person’s like and dislikes, then you are more likely to resolve the problem that occurs instead of making the situation worse because you do not know what the other person believes. In an arranged marriage there is a lack of communication because you are trying to get to know your spouse and it might get overwhelming sometimes. This results in divorces. Without the feeling of security and strong communication, why waste your time in being in this kind of relationship for the rest of your

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