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Hercules, an epic hero Hercules is the Roman name for the great Greek hero Heracles. Hercules was very well known for his powerful strength. Hercules' father is Zeus, king of all gods. Hercules is the strongest of all mortals, and also stronger than most gods. Hercules was the deciding factor in the triumphant win for the Olympians over the giants. Hercules' mortal father was Amphityron and his mortal mother was Alkmene. Both of his parents were from Argos. However, after a violent argument between Amphitryon and his uncle it resulted in the accidental death of Amphityron, the family ran off to Thebes where Hercules was born. In mythology it was Zeus who fathered Hercules, which explains why he has such great strength. Hercules' birth was delayed by Hera, (Zeus' wife) so that his cousin Eurytheus would be born first and become the ruler of Greece.…show more content…
He had to defeat the Nemean lion, the Lernean Hydra, the Hind if Ceryneia, and the Erymanthean Boar. And then had to clean the Augean Stables. He then had to drive away an enormous flock of Stymphian Birds from a lake near the town of Stymphalos. He then had to capture the Cretan Bull. After that task he had to capture the Horses of Diomedes and bring them back to him in Mycenae. For the ninth labor Hercules had to retrieve the Belt of Hippolyte, the queen of the Amazons, a tribe of woman warriors. The belt was meant for Eurytheus' daughter. After retrieving the belt Hercules had to travel to the end lf the world to take the cattle of Geyron and take them to Eurytheus. For the eleventh task Hercules had to retrieve the Apples of Hesperides who belonged to Zeus, the king of all gods. Hercules' twelfth and final task was to go to the underworld and kidnap the beast ruthless beast called

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