Strategic Plan Implementation Analysis

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Strategic plan implementation is the final and most important process of strategic management process (Macmillan and Tampoe, 2000). It is the process where management converts the chosen strategy into actions, translating it into results. The act of effecting strategy and moving the organization to the direction of the chosen path demands specific administrative skills. It is because implementation process is basically an internal administrative activity as opposed to formulation. Successful strategy implementation is best achieved when those responsible for implementation are included during the formulation process, unfortunately most managers know more about developing strategy than they do about implementation. Pearce and Robinson (2009)…show more content…
It also assumes that all parts are working and know the end result and that outsiders to the system are not taken care of by the theory but this is not practically true. Most management theories lack empirical support. Lewin’s Leadership theory has a bias on democratic leadership. The assumption that democratic leadership is the solution to work places is not universally applicable because at some point the other leadership styles could be more appropriate (Pearce & Robinson, 2009). Resource-based view is focused on the internal organization of an organization and it does not consider the external factors like the demand side of the market. So even if an organization has the resources and the capabilities to gain a competitive advantage, it might be that there is no demand, because the model does not consider the “customer” (Chakravarthy & White, 2001). The studies carried out in the variables mentioned have tended to wrongly assume that each of the variables appear in isolation although other studies tend to believe none of the variables can appear in isolation. For instance, scholars who have studied resource based theory did not consider the fact that sometimes, the resource controls the resource user and in most cases the user becomes the control variable. In all the studies for all variables, the assumption…show more content…
Organization management should note that without understanding and commitment, strategic plan implementation become a failure during the implementation stage. Most of the organizations are good in analyzing of strategies but very little has been achieved in the implementation section. There is dearth of research done in Trans-Nzoia County concerning strategic plans implementation in NGOs. Empirical studies carried out indicate that organizations experience difficulties implementing strategic plans. Therefore, this study sought to determine the factors influencing implementation of strategic plans in NGOs in Trans-Nzoia

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