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Legal Film Review Conviction (2010) The film Conviction is based on a true story about a sister who goes to law school to become a lawyer, so that she can clear her brothers wrongly conviction. Betty Anne Waters a high school drop out, gives up her life to free her brother Kenny. At the beginning of the movie Kenny gets convicted of murder against a woman, without any probation. Betty Anne determined to free her brother, joins law school, and much to her husbands dislike, leading to a divorce. Entering law school she is a mother to 2 teenage kids, not being able to manager her time properly, it didn’t seem like she would get far in the field. So much so that even her kids decide to leaver her and live with their dad. Just when Betty’s life was about to be torn apart she finally gets a phone call by Barry Scheck, from the innocence project,…show more content…
Barry decided to help if Betty could find some sort of DNA proof that would prove Kenny’s innocence. Having being told that the evidence from a case that was done over 10 years ago has been destroyed doesn’t stop her, she and her friend Abra Rice, luckily end up finding the blood evidence, required to free Kenny, hidden away by mistake. But of course people are not willing to admit to their mistakes, leading the authorities to find another way to still keep Kenny in prison. But yet again Betty Anne was not about to give up, she meets up with 2 key witnesses for the case who previously testified that Kenny did commit the murder, but told Betty that they were forced to by a female police officer who was not very fond of Kenny. Kenny’s ex-wide Brenda signed papers to prove that what she said in court was completely false, eventually leading to the

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