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A Literary analysis of Kate Chopin's Story of an Hour In Kate Chopin’s critically acclaimed Story of an Hour the reader is presented with many underlying themes such as female liberation the interpretation of societal gender roles and the proposed question if true un-indoctrinated free will can ever be obtained. Chopin loosely relies upon imagery to convey her message instead she uses tone and dialogue to carry the reader into a clearer understanding of the character’s context and their relationships with each other. The story begins with three characters Mrs. Mallard her sister Josephine and a family friend named Richards. Josephine and Richards have tried to hint something to Mrs.Mallard but with no avail but then suddenly Richard’s decides…show more content…
Richards even requested for a second telegram to make sure the news was correct. After the news was dropped Mrs.Mallard seems to be feeling a range of mixed emotions. Emotions only she would only understand. She did cry over him, but unlike many other women Mrs.Mallard took the news in a much different way .She locked herself in her room up sat upon her cushion chair and stared out her window and reflected on life. She thought of the way she would feel once she sees her husbands “ kind, tender hands folded in death” but she also realized that there will be a time for mourning and a time for joy so she looked past that moment and thought of her new life. A life ran by her and her alone, nobody could control the way she lived and in a twisted since she felt a feeling of rebirth and liberation the book then goes from addressing her as Mrs.Mallard to Louise this represents the transition from her old life as an oppressed housewife to a new more promising future where she can be truly be free. Many skeptics have considered this the point where Mrs.Mallard lost all feelings for husband and became an unaware feminist. I would call these clams false. The text simply does not support the accusations, Mrs.Mallard did not hate her husband
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