Socrates And Alcibiades Research Paper

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Alcibiades is a physically attractive politician in Athens and military man who has a strong attraction to Socrates, and seeks to seduce Socrates in return for knowledge that he possesses. He comes drunk towards the end of the dinner party and takes part in the symposium by delivering a eulogy to celebrate Socrates. Alcibiades becomes attracted to Socrates once he is aware of Socrates’s wisdom. He tries to seduce Socrates at first with his youthful beauty and intimacy when no attendant is present. Together, Socrates and Alcibiades converse, stripped and wrestled throughout the night, but Socrates does not reciprocate the same sexual tendencies as Alcibiades. Alcibiades tries to actively pursue Socrates by forcing him to stay the night and telling…show more content…
[…] but you managed it so that you might lie down beside the most beautiful of those in the room” (Plato 43). Augustine would connect with Alcibiades’s experience of love because they both had similar struggles in pursuing a lover and wanting to be loved. Augustine said “I was burning to find satisfaction in hellish pleasures. I ran wild in the shadowy jungle of erotic adventures […] putrid’ by pleasing myself and by being ambitious to win human approval” (Augustine II.1) during his adolescence. Both Augustine and Alcibiades were seeking to be wiser. Alcibiades’s interest in Socrates came after he became aware of Socrates’s wisdom. Augustine would find interesting how Alcibiades’s pursuit to gain Socrates’s wisdom through seduction diminished after continuous unsuccessful attempts while he looked to the Lord for answers. In looking to rid his sins, Augustine has a desire to live like god. “I will give thanks and confessions in your name because you have forgiven me such great evils and my nefarious deeds. I attribute to your grace and mercy that you have melted my sins away like ice” (Augustine II.15). If Alcibiades looked to the Lord to wash his sins away instead of letting them decline, he wouldn’t have lasting negative

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