Sigurd The Volsung: An Epic Hero

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In the epic poem, Sigurd the Volsung, the hero, Sigurd, is different from other heroes in a way that he is a more considerate and selfless hero. He is a noble hero that puts the needs and wants of others before his own, and does not survive solely on fame and power from his people. He is the least greedy, yet deserves the best of things because of his kind, generous heart. Compared to other heroes, Sigurd not only challenges himself by mentally and physically pursuing many adventures, but is not arrogant about the things he has or has accomplished, which makes him more likeable as a hero. Skilled, intelligent, rational, and humble are some of the many heroic characteristics the Norse hero showcased. Sigurd is well-rounded with the best of…show more content…
Sigurd, being the strong and courageous man he is, never backs down from a challenge, resulting in a fearless conquer over the dragon, Fafnir, and his manipulative brother, Regin. He also demonstrates his bravery by riding Grani through the ring of flames to reach Brunhild, the love of his life who he, “was destined to never have in life” (504). The two lover’s vowed eternal love for each other, yet Sigurd and Brunhild never had the chance to enjoy or take their love to new levels, such as marriage because Andvari’s curse was destined to ruin Sigurd’s…show more content…
When Sigurd’s memory returned, he did not make a big deal about not being with Brunhild, but accepted the fact that he was married to Gudrun, and he does, indeed, love her. He also loves Gunnar and believes Gunnar deserves to be happy, as he is, since Brunhild is a prize of her own. Sigurd keeps the peace and, unlike most heroes, does not feel obligated to have the cream of the crop. He is completely satisfied with being married to Gudrun when he is aware of Brunhild’s love for him. Brunhild, in comparison, to Gudrun is obviously the better choice because she is beautiful, brave, and well coveted, while Gudrun is only married to Sigurd because of her mother’s evil action of drugging

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