Story Of An Hour Literary Analysis Essay

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Many people can be really dishonest when it comes to showing their real emotions towards each other. “The Story Of An Hour” written by Kate Chopin is based on an ill wife, Louise Mallard, who finds out from her sister Josephine, that her husband Brently Mallard was found deceased due to a train accident and on top of that Louise was suffering from a bad heart condition. She believed that her husband was dead and at first when she found out about the accident she was quite devastated but deep down it did not really hurt her inside as much because she realized she had freedom. Chopin portrays her short piece with three types of irony: situational, verbal, and dramatic that gave her theme an interesting twist. “Someone was opening…show more content…
Reading that first sentence of the story seem to give readers somewhat of a remorseful feeling for Louise because she was sick and learning the fact she was going to find out that her husband was dead. Chopin made her readers realize almost in the middle of her story that Mrs. Mallard didn’t necessarily have heart troubles like the readers thought she did. The “heart troubles” that Mrs. Mallard had was that she had a troubled soul. “Free! Body and soul free!” she kept whispering (Chopin 477). Her sister Josephine thought that her sister Louise was going to hurt herself because of how emotional she was, but Mrs. Mallard was actually joyful that her husband had been dead. Which resulted into her having a troubled soul. In this scene, it could possibly be verbally ironic because Louise didn’t have the heart troubles like the readers thought she and it didn’t match up to the reality of having a troubled soul because who would of
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