How Did The Vietnam War Start

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Some say the Vietnam War was one of the most brutal wars that has been fought. Most do not even know why the Vietnam war started. The Vietnam war is known for being one of the harshest wars on the soldiers because of the hot soggy conditions. (Vietnam causes) The reason that the Vietnam war started was to prevent communism from spreading to other parts of the world. Russia was the main source of communism enforcement. The north of Vietnam is communist, while the south of Vietnam is not. The north wanted the south to turn communist, But to do this they had to take over. So the war begins. (Vietnam Causes) The Vietnam war started on November 1, 1955, But there wasn't a major battle until the battle of Ap Bac on January 2, 1962. This was the…show more content…
Napalm is a thick incendiary substance that will burn anything it comes into contact with. Including the enemy. Napalm was delivered to the battlefield by plane when a soldier gave the pilot the coordinates to drop it on. Another tool is something that was too effective. Agent Orange is a defoliant/herbicide meant to destroy crop land and expose enemy supply lines. If a soldier were to come into any sort of contact with Agent Orange it would destroy vital organs because it is a kind of biochemical. Now days biowarfare is strictly prohibited because the diseases can spread to other parts of the world and harm civilians. This was an all too common occurrence during the Vietnam war. (American Tactics) The Boeing B-47 Stratojet bomber is a plane used for bombing enemy territory. The B-47 has a massive cargo area for holding a whole lot of small bombs, or a few very large bombs. It can carry more than 20,000 pounds. It would deliver the Napalm and Agent Orange bombs. Helicopters had a job in troop infiltration and extraction. The UH1 helicopter, also known as the Huey, was the most used, produced, and recognized helicopter of the Vietnam War. It was used for troop transport, and as an attack helicopter with rocket pods and Miniguns that shoot 7.62x51mm bullets up to 4,000 rounds per minute. (Helicopters) (B-47…show more content…
They were all meant to cover up something. The lies in Vietnam were more prevalent because it was fought with out a meaning. Destruction, sorrow, and death need to be justified and not just for nothing. Everyone lies in work, at home, and even on the battlefield. Wether it be about something you did wrong, or wanting to protect someone from the hurtful truth about how the war was getting worse. So how did the meaningless war turn out? (Marlantes, Karl) The United States saw that the objective would not be accomplished and decided to withdraw from Vietnam. After the cease-fire in 1973 the North did not want to give up. They continued fighting. Eventually in 1975, the south of Vietnam was overrun in less than two months with a reenforced Northern field army. The United States decided not to re-enter the battle. The south was forced to turn communist by the north. So the United States shouldn’t have been in the conflict in the first place. (Mohr,

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