Story Of An Hour Analysis Essay

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The Story of an Hour by Kate Chopin was a very morbid story where a woman became joyful after she heard of her husband’s death. In this analysis I will be touching on the setting, narrator, title, and ending of this story. The story of an hour took place in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Mallard. The house of the married couple was described as somewhat confining, as it kept Mrs. Mallard hidden from the outside world. In my opinion, the home was shown as a place where the characters were kept safe from the outside world. The story took place with the women in the house who were fine with being at home, and then it showed Mr. Mallard, the man of the house, leaving his home to go out into the outside world. After Mr. Mallard left the home, the women heard that he died. Mrs. Mallard’s initial reaction to her husband’s death was at first normal for a widow to hear that her spouse has died, but then her tears of grief slowly turned into tears of joy with a feeling as though she was not constrained by her marriage anymore. Mrs. Mallard’s abnormal reaction on hearing that her husband died set a bit of a morbid tone to the story. The narrator in the story depicted Mrs. Mallard as a woman who seemed to overlook the fact that her spouse died and described her as a woman who thinks she has complete freedom now that her…show more content…
Mallard heard about her husband’s death and then died herself. Also, instead of the word “story” in the title referring to the entire story, I think the title referred to the “stories” that Mrs. Mallard made up in her head about the things she would be able to do with the freedom she obtained without having a husband. The word “hour” in the title showed how all the feelings she felt of shock, sorrow, happiness, and joy happened within just a single hour. The fact that all of these traumatic life events happened within one hour helped the story to live up to the title “The Story of an
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