Story Of An Hour And The Yellow Wallpaper Comparison Essay

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In this essay, I will compare character development, and contrast the plots in “The Story of an Hour” and “The Yellow Wallpaper”. I will examine the similarities of the protagonists on their pursuit to physical and emotional freedom, and the setting of which each story takes place. For example, Mrs. Mallard feels restrained in her marriage, but senses freedom in her brief becoming of a widow, and the narrator in the yellow wallpaper feels trapped in a mansion where she is forced to recover, but feels free when the yellow wallpaper is torn away. Both women are in a place where they should feel utmost comfort. Consequently, Mrs. Mallard is home with family, and the nervous character should feel the need to recuperate in their temporary, recovery home.…show more content…
Their mental illnesses may have been misdiagnosed, and their feelings often overlooked, but the stressors of their life triggered an outbreak of madness. For example, Mrs. Mallard was known for her pre-existing heart condition, yet excerpts from “The Story an Hour” suggest underlying insanity that was prompted by the realization of her desire for freedom. Moreover, the narrator in “The Yellow Wallpaper” experiences levels of insanity through her imagination. Both protagonists experience delirium and brief freedom, but their desire for freedom leads to literal death and figurative death of each character. To illustrate, Mrs. Mallard dies of a heart attack from the sight of her husband after acceptance of his death and her new, profound freedom. She feels victory over the opportunity of her independence, and finds life in the death of her husband. However, her joy is defeated by the sight of get husband. The death of her husband proves insignificant compared the mourning she has done over her life never lived. Thus, when her dream of freedom died, so did

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