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Wilfred Owen and Robert Frost successfully convey the brutal, cruel and inhumane theme of violence in their eye-opening poems, 'Disabled' and 'Out, Out'. Set during the hard times of war, these poems portray different war-related themes and carry their own distinctive similarities and differences, contrasting with one another. On one hand we have 'Disabled,' written by Wilfred Owen with his intense experience as a soldier in the First World War. His past experience inspires his piece of poetry heavily. Whereas, on the other hand, we have 'Out, Out's poet; Robert Frost, a British-settled American who returned from England at the start of World War One. He was regarded as the unofficial "poet laureate" of the United States. (Note that both the…show more content…
Whereas Robert Frost’s title is a reference to Shakespeare’s famous play, ‘Macbeth.’ It alludes to Macbeth’s speech after the death of his wife. Why did Frost use this title? Well, because both of the pieces of poetry convey various human hopelessness related themes. (The image of hopelessness also links with that of Disabled.) Frost’s slicing of the phrase, “Out, Out” as opposed to “Out, out, brief candle!” further extends the image of hopelessness to violence. Robert Frost had an event like this occur in his life; his neighbour was a young man who sliced his hand on a saw and later…show more content…
His lack of consistency with the structure of 'Out, Out' merges with the sudden, tragic and violent accident of the boy with the saw. He doesn't write in paragraphs, but in a blank verse (unrhymed iambic pentameter to be specific.) In 'Disabled,' the stanzas might occur due to the contrasting of the soldier's present and the past throughout the poem. Whereas 'Out, Out' talks about the present throughout, hence not written in stanzas. Unlike 'Disabled,' there is no rhyming scheme, again referring to unpredictability. Overall, the structure is consistent and predictable, whereas the structure of ‘Out, Out’ is the exact opposite; inconsistent and

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