Billy Pilgrim's Life

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In the novel “Slaughterhouse-Five”, which the author Kurt Vonnegut wrote, he describes the life-story of the protagonist called Billy Pilgrim, especially his experiences of war. During the novel the reader learns much about Billy's personal life, he learns about his struggles, his adventures and his experiences. Many of these situations also occurred to Vonnegut himself. Is it possible that the novel Slaughterhouse-Five is an autobiography of Vonnegut, about his own life and Billy is just a pseudonym? The novel mainly describes the time, where Billy Pilgrim is a soldier fighting in the Second World War and being a prisoner of war under German control. As a prisoner of war Billy has to leave the prison, to work in Dresden as a cleaner. He and the other POV's find shelter in the Slaughterhouse-Five. One night there is a warning of a bombing in Dresden, all the POV's go into the meat locker of the slaughterhouse and survive the firestorm of Dresden. Not only Billy survived the bombing in that meat locker, Vonnegut also survived in the same meat locker. After the firestorm in Dresden, Billy has to dig for dead bodies. Vonnegut ensures that he and O'Hare were there too and they had the same duty.…show more content…
O'Hare after the war. The win of the Guggenheim fellowship award made it possible, to go back to Germany, for remembering things about Dresden he had forgotten. He wanted to write a book about the war, heavily influenced by the firestorm of Dresden. However Billy was never writing any story, book or novel and he neither went back to
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