How Does Orwell Use Satire In Animal Farm

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Animal Farm, a book written by George Orwell that has a lot of similarity to Aesop's fables, uses animals to depict the leaders of communist government. I wonder how I missed reading this all these years, not just for the content but also for the style of writing. George Orwell has had the knack of using satire to demonstrate the harmful effects of communism and to attack Stalinist Russia during the 1900's. This book is genius in its simplistic depiction of the ills of communism; the characters of which are those who feature in the Russian Revolution: The Czars, Stalin and Trotsky. This book is a timeless classic as animals are used to represent the various characters and the Animal Farm is the analogy of the Russia of those times which was highly unstable, where there was a dire need for a perfect society. The book has a dull beginning as there is an elaborate description of the animals of the farm, but the best part is how the author seamlessly draws an analogy between the animals and the human characteristics and the manner in which they go through the struggle of the rebellion in overthrowing Mr.Jones from the farm. Though things seem to change for a while, Orwell describes how the problems of not having a leader leads to tragedy and the manner in which more intelligent individuals…show more content…
The style is extremely effective as there is a lot of focus on each character’s personalities and trait and also in the process making smooth transitions between the viewpoints of different characters. Though the pigs are extremely wily, there is a lot to learn from scheming ways. This book is recommended to a more mature audience with many layers of meaning ingrained in it as it helps in making inferences about the manner in which different types of societies
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