Reconciliation In Australia

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Christian communities within Australia have made various attempts towards reconciliation in the past 25 years. Reconciliation is the process in which the mistakes of the past are acknowledged and dealt with in order to establish harmony. The efforts towards reconciliation have allowed for both Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians to move into the future with a new relationship, demonstrating mutual recognition and respect. Australia being a multicultural society, the combination of ecumenism and interfaith dialogue has further built a mutual tolerance and stronger relationships. Also, the Catholic Church has made various positive movements towards reconciliation including a formal apology to the Stolen Generation. Similarly, the Anglican…show more content…
The National Council of Churches, NCCA is an ecumenical organisation that brings together a range of Australian churches in dialogue and practical cooperation. They provide guidance for churches to work together, aiming to promote peace and harmony. The organisation contains various bodies including, The National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Ecumenical Commission (NATSIEC). They represent Indigenous Australians from Christian faiths, aiming to support indigenous issues, reconciliation and education whilst helping sustain Aboriginal spirituality. The commission provides education and acknowledges the inextricable connection Indigenous Australians contain with the land, and as a result, they have promoted a national approach in correcting the injustices of the nation. With the aim of eliminating discrimination in the Australian future, NATSIEC have created a fundraising appeal called Martung Upah. The appeal directly supports Indigenous Australians in assisting them with making their own decisions and improving their everyday lifestyles through the donations received. The donations also allow for the provisions of educational resources and the opportunity to raise awareness about Indigenous issues in the community. As a result of the ecumenical responses, reconciliation has become one step…show more content…
In 1986, Pope John Paul II visited Alice Springs stating, ‘there is the need for just and proper settlement that lays unachieved in Australia’. This statement regards the mistakes of the past, including the dispossession of the land which has led to traumatic experiences for various Indigenous Australians. Following his statement, the Catholic Church has made various attempts towards reconciliation, including the formal apology to the Stolen Generation held in 1998. The apology expressed forgiveness towards the victims of the stolen generation which devastatingly broke up various Indigenous families. It established the harm and suffering caused by the experience, providing an opportunity to create a new peace and unity. Caritas Australia is an organisation of the Catholic Church and in response to the assimilation and protection policy, Caritas has provided aid through the creation of the ‘Red Dust Healing’ program. The program aims to overcome the ongoing traumas of the past and present hurt rejections. Participants of the program are taken on a personal journey, enabling participants to take ownership of a brighter

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