Steroids Should Be Banned Research Paper

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Felder i Steroids Thesis: Steroids should be banned from sports. Introduction A.Background information B.Thesis Unfair A. Performance 1.Play Better 2.Make challenges easier B. Increases chances of going pro Misleading A. Seems easy B. High expectations Counterclaim A. Preform to best abilitites B. Future of sports Conclusion Felder 1 Many pro-athletes have had titles taken away from them and been banned from the sports they love. For example, Lance Armstrong won great amount of races, the biggest being The Tour De France, but most of his titles were stripped. Why you ask? It was because Lance was found used steroids which improved his performance and made all the hard aspects of the race…show more content…
Steroids are prohibited in many American sports. “By taking performance enhancing drugs, athletes are making challenges easier, and challenges are the things that make sports so appealing in the first place” (O’connor 17). Athletes take anabolic steroids to increase muscle mass, which makes them stronger. when athletes are bigger and stronger, they tend to perform better and bring fear to their competitors. When athletes are taking steroids, the athlete performs better than they would if they were off steroids. This is because steroids include certain kinds of hormones which Felder 2 act as chemical messengers to the body. Second, taking steroids increases athletes chances of going pro, but it does not mean athletes will do well in the pros. In 2004, officials started cracking down on athletes taking steroids (Wadler). Taking steroids in sports to get to the next level is illegal, unfair, and morally wrong. Recently, the use of steroids has gone down, but it is not completely diminished. “Steroids have been abused in sport in sports for decades”

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