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Name: Ahmed Alnagash Course: Sex and the City Date:10/31 In the past, the Miss America pageant dictated a prominent outlook on people’s desires in terms of beauty and sexuality. For instance, young girls dreamt of being Miss America and in this respect compelled most of them to try to audition for different beauty pageants in a bid to achieve this goal. Miss America started out as a contest widely based on a foundation of the general outlook of an individual. In this respect, the rating of the candidates was only on basis of their outward beauty (PBS n.p). However, over the years, the criterion for acquiring this prestigious title has significantly widened meaning that it is not only based on beauty, but on a sophisticated mixture of talent,…show more content…
She was generally considered as a sex symbol primarily attributed to the roles she played within her acting career. Having signed a contract with the well-known filmmaking studio, 20th Century Fox, she stared in films such as “the Asphalt Jungle”, “Clash by night” and “All about Eve” which brought about a lot about Marilyn Monroe’s sexuality as a sex symbol (Margot n.p). Her films were very popular thus showing what Americans were interested in at the time. Marilyn Monroe as an actress, managed to portray an inherent message that beauty and sexuality were very important aspects needed at the time in advancement of an individual’s life since they carry a lot of influence to other people’s perspective of your…show more content…
Although these were during the post war period, such popularity was attributed to their ability to relate with the lives of the people at the time. For instance, the beauty pageants brought out a sense of unity when people gathered to root for their favourite contestant. This also brought out the desire of young girls to emulate traits of the beauty pageant contestants and consequently being their all time dream. Monroe on the other hand played interesting roles within her acting career that enabled her to connect directly with the lives of her audiences. Furthermore, her identity as a sex symbol also boosted her popularity at the time. Overall, the issue about race and class remained a very sensitive subject. Nevertheless, the three discussed entities portrayed a sense of racial biasness on the part of the Americans at the time. For instance, all Barbie dolls produced then where white. The first black Barbie doll was released in the year 1967 as a way to represent the African American culture. This clearly showed that there was a distinct difference in class between the whites and the African American individuals solely based on their differences in

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