Statement Of Purpose: Occupational Therapy

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There is no greater feeling than making someone’s life better. When researching careers, I knew I wanted to do something in the medical field. I also knew that I wanted to help someone. It is hard to narrow down to a specific career when your goal is to help someone because there are so many options. I finally found something that tailored to what I was looking for in a career: occupational therapy. I have chosen to enter the Occupational Science Program at EKU because occupational therapy is helping people in a way that no other career can. Occupational therapy is not only for physical needs, but also mental, developmental, and emotional needs, which is what draws me to it. It is helping someone, but using creative techniques to make it enjoyable…show more content…
In order to be pertinent to the Occupational Science program, one must have a specific set of qualities that will contribute not only to their success throughout the length of the program, but afterwards as an occupational therapist as well. I should be selected to enter the Occupational Science Program at EKU because I have the qualities that are needed to succeed in this area. One of these qualities include professionalism. Professionalism is needed to be parallel with this high-ranked program. As one of the best Occupational Science Programs, it is imperative that students not only measure up to the standards set by this program, but rise above them to enhance the Occupational Science Program. Another quality that makes me useful to the program is compassion. Not only will my compassion for occupational therapy lead me to excel in the Occupational Science Program, but it will also compel me to help other students rise to the potential that is needed for them to thrive. This leads to another characteristic that one must have in order to flourish in the Occupational Science Program: perseverance. The occupational science program is arduous. Students in this program need to be able to endure the large amounts of homework, difficult tests, and fieldwork. I am a student that will persevere through these obstacles and live up to the ideals that this program instills. These attributes make me exclusive to the program, which is why I should be selected for the Occupational Science

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