The Importance Of Opportunity In The Battle Of Britain

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By persevering through times of trouble, opportunity can be found no matter how big or small it may be it will always be there. One can always find opportunity even in the deepest times of trouble, no matter what challenge lays ahead. The Battle of Britain was one of the most important battles of all time with Britain on the brink of collapse and in deep trouble but refused to surrender to Nazi Germany. Another example is in the book Unbroken where the main protagonist, Louie Zamperini survived the impossible and defined all odds of survival by all means. Louis never gave up and persevered no matter how bad thing got and still created opportunity from nothing. The Battle of Britain is a perfect example of a nation of people coming together and creating opportunity in a time of trouble. Britain was one of the very last nations capable of fighting Hitler’s expansion across all of Europe. When the German Luftwaffe invaded Britain with over 2,000 aircrafts, they decimated entire cities causing over 40,000 civilian deaths. The Germans believed Britain would fall effortlessly however the…show more content…
Throughout Louis Zamperini’s life, he found opportunity even in times of trouble. Louis never dwelled on how bad something was, he just persevered and never gave up no matter what. Louie was determined to survive and found the opportunity to survive however it came at cost that would change his life forever. Louie had to persevere and survive on a small raft without food or water left from the crash for 47 days and would be the only one of his crew to survive. This experience would torment Louie for years after the war was won however lead to great opportunity in his life. Louie Zamperini never gave up in the deepest time of trouble and found opportunity in the middle of the

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