Kay Jamison's An Unquiet Mind

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Sometimes we live in our abnormal behaviors, actions, and minds. We all have psychological experiences and expressions in society. Psychology is an interesting subject that identifies the people's type of reactions and behaviors. My opinions and thoughts were in my mind after reading this noteworthy book called “An Unquiet Mind” by Kay Jamison. It was really interesting and helpful for me to realize what the life is going to be like when having manic disorder. After when I finished the book, It was really informative about the cure or treatment for manic disorder. The topic of “An Unquiet Mind” connects with my life experience of having a child with bipolar disorder at an early ages. I met a girl who had an extreme mood swings, just…show more content…
I see the cognitive process true when people with bipolar disorder have negative social and physical factors. Jamison and the child in my preschool both had a symptoms of manic episodes and appeared disorder at similar age. They also had idiosyncratic life, when the author loses her friends by her behavior and the child does not get to along with the other children. When I think of my life experience, the child with bipolar disorder in past years somehow made me recognize that she had circumstances and triggered by stressors in her life and so as Jamison’s life. To compare the child and the author’s life, I disagree with the author because the author disagrees that it is impossible to cure the bipolar disorder at early ages but I think it is possible to cure the bipolar disorder by getting additional help from parents, therapists, and psychiatrists. The child was cured with an ease but the author’s manic depression grows continuously and started to take the lithium. Both of their life shows the idea of physiology; type of study that deals with the brain functions and physical

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