The Liad 'By Robert Fagles' A Goddess Scorned

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A Goddess Scorned Homer’s epic poem The Iliad was translated by Robert Fagles in 1990. The Iliad is an amazing tale of the Greeks and the Trojans. The gods and goddesses though hold a much bigger part within the poem than thought of. If it weren’t for the gods taking their own sides in the matters of the Greek and Trojan War things would’ve played out much differently or maybe wouldn’t have been played out at all. The Iliad seemed to be more about Hera taking revenge on Troy and Paris for overlooking her and her bribe in the golden apple contest among the goddesses and less about the actual mortals within the poem. The Gods each took a side and stood by their side in the war throughout. On the side of the Greeks there was Hera, Athena, Poseidon,…show more content…
Because Aphrodite won the contest is can be seen as the reason why Hera and Athena hated the Trojan’s as they did and even had Diomedes target Aphrodite should she enter the battle field (Fagles, 5. 141-46); this moment in the poem shows the Athena alongside Hera does in fact have a strong vengeful side about her when it comes to Aphrodite. Though each goddess had bribed Paris, it was Aphrodite who won and scorned Hera, Athena, and Menelaus all at the same time. Even after Aphrodite is struck by the orders given by Athena, Athena physically attacks Aphrodite with great pleasure. In book 21 an all-out fight erupts on Mount Olympus once Achilles is almost killed between the gods. Ares attacks Athena but out of anger for him defending Troy and Aphrodite she defeats him and then defeats Aphrodite for attempting to get Ares out of harms way (Fagles, 21. 474-94). Athena with great delight was more than eager to finally be able to break Aphrodite herself. These two instances show just how far Athena is willing to go to seek revenge for Aphrodite being selected as the…show more content…
It is stated that the gods on the side of the Greeks held tightly onto their hatred for Troy just as much as they did when Paris first started the war, it stated that Hera and Athena were both offended by Paris for choosing Aphrodite over either of them (Fagles, 24. 30-6). This is the biggest reference towards the contest that Hera and Athena lost and even more importantly it explains that neither got over the

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