Serial Killer Ted Kaczynski

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Serial Killers are among the most frightening group of criminal in today's society. Unrecognized as everyday human beings, serial killers scared and horrify the whole world. They are classified as murderer with more than three victims, one at a time in a relatively short break serial killer apparently takes action without reason. Among all of the terrifying killers one of the popular killer in the history of the US was Ted Kaczynski , who committed three murder and dozens injured. For almost twenty year the unabomber conducted the campaign of terror across United States, his goal was to study society of technology and return to primitive state. He was targeting those who were behind the modern rising industry, such as: scientists, executives…show more content…
Theodor Richard Kaczynski and Wanda Kaczynski were immigrant from Poland. Theodore started his job at the sausage factory which was owned by a cousin. When United states entered world war two Richard and Wanda has their first child a son, Theodore jr was born in Chicago on may 22nd 1942 and the parents named him Ted. When Ted was nine months old he had serious case of the hives which hospitalized him. When he was in hospital he was separated from his parents because according to hospital child and parent cannot stay together. When he was released from hospital he became sober baby and start ignoring interactions with other. As time pass by the attitude of baby remains the same. His parents sent him to nursery school when he was three years old. As his teacher explained he was the super serious youngster where average kid were not that…show more content…
Once he set a stronger blast which blew the window of his class room. He was very smart at this point so he skipped his junior year of high school when he was only sixteen years old he wanted to admission to Harvard university on a scholarship. He never needed help from his teachers so he was skipping every opportunity to socialize with other. In 1962 at age twenty Ted graduate with the mathematics degree from the university of Michigan. He buried himself in a book and got his masters after two years. His impressive work caught the eye of the university of California, where he was hired to be an assistant professor of mathematics. The year Ted was hired Berkeley was the eye of the storm of left-wing politics but none of it affect him at all. He was anti social as a teacher carried a price, many student evaluations reported that his lecture were worthless and he ignored his students. Working there for two years ted resigned his hard worked position and said he wanted to leave

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