Star Wars: Film Analysis

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Mrs. Helms Honors English III 16 October 2015 ….. Special effects and distinctive content in films have continued to excite the general public with its unique style of portrayal that has influenced such great movies as Jurassic Park, The Matrix, Avatar and many more, even in today’s period. Of course, every aspect has a beginning, and it is important to know the beginnings of these aspects for which brings enjoyment to the people. The opening of Star Wars: Episode IV a New Hope in 1977 revolutionized the film industry, inspiring many great films with its scientific fiction and computer generated imagery. The 1970’s were a time of revolution; people began to disregard society’s expectations which had restrained them in the 50’s and 60’s. Comedies and Dramas in the 60’s embarked on imagination towards film productions such as Star Wars, created by George Lucas. Lucas was born on May 14, 1944 in Modesto, California; “he was an imaginative and creative individual” (“George Lucas”). “He likes to portray himself as a storyteller”; he even created the necessary equipment to tell his tales (“George Lucas”). “Since his first attempts as a film-school student, he challenged the way films were shot, edited, and mixed” (“George…show more content…
Hollywood in the 1970s was slowly collapsing due lack in creativity and money, but this decade somehow became the rising point of filmmaking in the U.S. Particular restrictions were arranged to censor television for the common family at home; however, these restrictions began to loosen up. Explicit movies and television shows with vulgar language, adult content, and violence were becoming more and more popular. Certain movements such as the Civil Rights movement, the LGBT movement, and the free use of drugs influenced the art of filmmaking. This period was known as the rebirth of Hollywood after the downfall of the studio

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