Luke Skywalker V's Darth Vader

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Music Film Analysis Terence Reynolds Abstract The aim of this write up is to analysis film music and understand the ways it interacts with onscreen media. I am to select a favourite piece of music that accompanies onscreen media and analysis how the music functions with the visuals. Movie Scene Star Wars Episode VI Scene: Luke Skywalker v.s Darth Vader Year: 1983 Director: Richard Marquand Music By: John Williams Darth Vader stalks the area beneath the throne in a low lit area in search for Luke Skywalker. The low ceiling and darkness provides a trapped location and a sense of no escape. The use of low notes on the string section provide a padding sound of uncertainty which is present with Darth Vader creating tension. Luke Skywalker hides…show more content…
Darth Vader proceeds to talk after a pause of silence and talks of Luke Skywalker’s twin sister. Luke Skywalker opens his eyes in fear of her safety. The low droning strings clash with the introduction of a drum strike providing build up tension and change Luke Skywalker’s attention. Dark Vader continues to spew evil words towards Luke Skywalker while he unknowingly wanders towards Luke Skywalker direction. The introduction of high strings bring tension and a sense of displacement to scene. Darth Vader then threatens Luke Skywalker’s sister. Luke Skywalker shouts and jumps out of the darkness with his light sabre. The drum strikes are present portraying Luke Skywalker’s emotions of confusion and anger. He veers towards Darth Vader with hatred behind the force of his light sabre strikes. His motive of anger drives Darth Vader back. The introduction of more strings and musical activity brings the fighting to a new height as light sabres clash. The music interacts with the environment opening up and syncs with the light sabre hits. Darth Vader is brought his knees. The music becomes overwhelming representing Luke Skywalker’s anger towards Darth Vader as Luke Skywalker continues his…show more content…
His slow stalking movements with the presence of a low droning string section enhance this feeling of uncertainty. The use of a low droning string section and use of minor chords cause an atmosphere of uncertainty. The chord progression is always changing but doesn’t resolve, this creates tension which is present through the entire scene. 2 Provides Tension. The Drum strike brings other elements to the scene. This provides tension and brings conclusion to Luke Skywalker’s feelings. This Drum strike propels the scene and provokes the feelings of the confused Luke Skywalker. The drum is an instrument that provides attack and impact. This brings more tension in the form of activity build up for Luke Skywalker feelings. The introduction of a percussive instrument along with droning strings provides huge contrast sonically that represents change. This change is Luke Skywalker’s attention to Darth Vader’s words of

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