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The purpose of the blog is to conduct analysis on the first teaser of Star Wars: The Force Awakens released on November 28, 2014. In the ninety second trailer, each frame is loaded with content that may or may be observed while watching it on the first time. The task of this is to provide the reader with hints as to what may happen in this film. It should be mentioned that the reader is expected to have prerequisite knowledge regarding previous Star Wars films to understand some of the jargon and characters. As the trailer begins, the frame fades-in from black to a desert. This setting is likely to be the main setting of the movie. A ominous narration is presented that states: "There has been an awakening. Have you felt it?" It is not sure…show more content…
She is in the same environment as the other characters and is hastily getting on to her speeder bike to distance herself away from an unknown force. A common feature in this teaser is that characters are seen running away from a force. In these next series of shot, we are shown a group of newer model X-Wing fighters flying in formation. It is possible that they are flying toward a conflict as some of the patches of cloud look like smoke. The pilots inside of them are also wearing updated gear with the helmet being the most distinctive. There is also fun fact that is related to the white vest that the pilot is wearing. If one is familiar with the fictional language of Star Wars and can read upside, the words read "Pull to Inflate". In one of the two last final mini scenes, the main villain for the movie appears. It is easily detectable that this figure is the villain by the narrator who simply says: "The Dark Side". After which the villain gets into a fighting stance and pulls out a unique lightsaber which emits three red blades. It is unknown who he is preparing to fight against. He could be getting ready to fight Luke, Boyega's character, or Ridley's

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