Roman Inventions Essay

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Roman Inventions Sometimes we use an invention created by the Romans, and we don’t even notice it. Ever wanted to read a newspaper, or take a ride down a road? Both of these inventions were created by the Romans. Listed below are some of the most popular Roman inventions today, that you may have never realized were created by the Romans. Advanced Roads One of Rome’s most well known and used inventions today are roads. Originally created with a mixture of gravel, dirt, and bricks made of either granite or hardened lava. The Roman engineers had to stick to strict standards when creating these roads; they had to make the roads extremely straight to avoid water damage. They had made over fifty-thousand roads by two-hundred A.D, and even more…show more content…
As the system has not been used in over one-hundred years, the way it was created is not necessarily known in a detailed way nowadays. What we do know is that it is below a raised floor, with a continuously burning fire underneath, heating the room above it. This way was effective, but dangerous, as carbon monoxide from the fire could easily kill the inhabitants of the room. Apartment Blocks The apartment blocks were known as “Insula”, but these were rarely found in any city as popular as Rome, as they were generally hard to make. They were generally built of brick, so they wouldn’t catch on fire, and were usually three or four stories high. Many people would live in the Insulae, but the slightly more run down were generally used by slaves, while more wealthy citizens choose normal houses. Aqueducts Aqueducts were, in fact, not a Roman invention. They were designed by the Etruscans, and the Romans finalized the design. The Romans built aqueducts out of stone, bricks, and a special volcanic cement called pozzuolana. The channels built for the aqueducts ran underground, and it took a long time to dig said channels for the water. Today, the world has changed enough that we now have pipes instead of
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