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Adventurous My mother has told me I can do anything and go anywhere in life, just as long as I put the effort towards it. I took my mother up on that statement, knowing that there is an endless amount of possibilities in the world. Growing up there wasn’t all that much I could do to progress in my life. I went through elementary school clueless, pondering about the world with a first grader's mind. But something I have had since then is time, time to think about my big cloud of places to go, people to see. I began to dream about traveling and sightseeing, even though I was 9 years old. I live in the greatest continent on planet earth at the moment, but I have always wanted to visit others. I didn’t know what other people were like across…show more content…
I knew myself though, I was timid and self centered, and very very shy. I always loved to explore the woods in my old neighborhood. I constructed my very first tree house in that forest, and a few months later I had mastered the art of craftsmanship. The next day I got word from my parents they were divorcing and we had to move. I mean I was ok with the divorce, but moving out of the house, the area I have lived in for years, was the hardest part. I just thought to myself that this is just part of my travels. So moving day came, we moved to a new neighborhood without a pleasant forest to make my creations in. At this point I was pretty bummed but I knew I could always wander back to my previous home from where I was located. I didn't visit the forest for a while, but when I went back it was aged and overgrown. One thing that was still there was my tree houses, and something new. It seems someone created a bike trail with ramps and everything. It was perfection, a trail worthy of a new traveler I thought to myself. I walked this trail hoping to encounter a new area of the forest. What I did find was a rock, a very large rock, what some may call a boulder. This boulder was humongous, as I got closer it seemed to have small little engravings carved

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