Aida Alternate Ending

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Aida fell asleep that night in the comfort of her own arms instead of Chris’. It was obvious that she was still doubting their relationship and slept with her back towards Chris. It was the first time that she slept like this with him. While she softly snored, Chris laid awake with an unknown desire he felt many times before in his past. He was overwhelmed with his own emotions and didn’t know if he wanted to yell at Aida or hold her. The moonlight the seeped through the windows seemed to call to Chris, telling him to follow it. Chris stood up from the warmth of the bed and walked with his barefeet touching the cool wooden floor, following the stream of the moon. He followed it to the small kitchen. Taking a cup filled with water, he gulped it down. Hoping the glass might rid the lump he felt in his throat. The clatter of of the cup in the sink reminded him of the messes him and Aida made in the kitchen with experimenting with new food and recipes.…show more content…
He reminisced the memories they had together as he stared at the cup lying in the sink. He followed the moon’s path in hopes of feeling better when he returned to the room, but instead he returned to the room with another intention, an idea, and an object that gleamed in the light. Standing by his lover’s side of the bed, he slightly leaned over to catch a few glimpses of her adorable face. He hair surrounded her head, reminding Chris of a crown. Aida was his queen. Chris had the sudden urge to pinch the cute cheeks of his lover, but pushed it away, knowing it would disturb her peaceful sleeping. So he did something easier and something he was used to doing, and stabbed her 16 times. That’s how many years he was with

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